Love the Kindness

by Paula Luna

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Minfulness | Mental Health | Selfawarness 

This is to connect those that want to grow and heal. Those that seek for Happiness and Fulfillment.

I share my Journey and inner Medicines with you. I believe that it empowers us if we share our learnings. Helping us grow. Heal

Blog Articles


How to listen to your Body

Listen to your Body; To me, that means treating myself with love and respect, from the in and outside. To care for my Body. There is an inner voice that tells you what you need. Maybe you experience it as a feeling or as thoughts. You are able to check in with you’re body and feel, at what place your

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Here is how you finally start Meditating

Meditation is something incredibly powerful, it has changed my life. First and foremost it has brought me healing and the ability to control my thoughts and emotions. It has gotten me out of depression, panic attacks, and trauma flashbacks. Basically, it’s about you taking time for yourself. Everyone benefits from investing time in themselves. Basically, it’s the best investment a

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